Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pshhh I never exaggerate. Ever. Never ever.

I think I'm slowly dying.

It's so dry here, I'm almost a hundred percent sure I'm going to die. But whatever.


So, our lovely friend - let's call her LongArms or some variation of that because she complains about her long arms - is really really really awesome. You have no idea. She's awesome and crazy and has road rage, but it's great. She also can't say words that have "thr" in them without rolling her r because she's Portuguese and a lot of other stuff. Anyways, SHE FRIGGIN GOT ME A FRIGGIN TRIPOD AND CAMERA FILM AND I THINK MY HEAD IS ON FIRE.

AAAAAAND a relative by marriage and blah blah saw some of my pictures and was like "oh lah dee dah I have this amazing 35 mm camera and I don't use it s here you go, January." And Parental started crying and it was weird but good and I was all "HOLY JESUS PANTS, DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?"

And apparently I'm really good at taking pictures ("Oh, no... Really? No, you flatter me! Why, little old me, a photographer? Nooo... well, maybe... No, no, oh you.") so yeah. I'll probably be famous and stuff. Heh, I know, crazy.

OH. And new music. Heard of Florence + The Machine? Marvelous band. Fleet Foxes? Friggin awesome. They are, like, the story of my life in music form.

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