Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Because that will DEFINITELY make everything better.


I get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow night. And you do, too, I think. If you do Daylight Savings. Which I think everyone does, but how am I supposed to know? They don't teach that in US History.

AAAAAAAnd I get to go downtown tomorrow and take as many pictures as I want.

And I'm probably gonna get pimp slapped because I should be doing homework.

And I had a top notch post in my head for the longest time and now I can't remember. I hate technology. A lot. But I also love it so much it's terrible.

Ah, Parental just mentally stabbed me and I want to maybe just a little bit just a tinytiny smidgen pinch her because she totally hates that (don't tell her I told you) and she got all... yeah.

Anyhoo, all I really want to do right now is draw and write some fanfiction and have a time machine, but sadly, I'm not Michael J. Fox so that's not gonna happen for me. Maybe next year. And I really want some more time to be funny but I'm trying not to get caught writing on here, which I will at some point, but at least that way I'll be prepared and have my nunchucks and Chuck Norris folder and something to chuck at someone's head (say chuck again, I dare you).

And I'm just dying to hear some Smashing Pumpkins, especially 1979. Le sigh, stupid doesn't have it, though, and that makes me want to punch their ovaries.

UPDATE: I was totally just kidding about the Daylight Savings thing. I'm sorry if you believed me or something like that (you should know better by now) but apparently it's in another month... which means I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, as per usual. Then when I came home today, I went to sleep around 4ish or 5ish and woke up around half past 8. Ish. With Phantom of the Opera playing, the part where she takes his mask off in front of everyone and they all scream and run. Even in my drunken-sleep state of mind, I was like "Seeeeeriously??? Really? I doubt their eyesight was very good and that was definitely not necessary. I mean, running AND screaming? That chick just got trampled because of all you melodramatic Frenchies." I can be very judgmental of my movies.

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