Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hmmm, is that even human?

I'm a genius!

Sort of.

A few... somethings ago, I got onto my loverly Parental's computer (because I probably killed mine and now I'm taking hers down with me) and I went onto Paint. (She has a Dell.) I thought Oh holy macaroni, I should most definitely do a self portrait on Paint! I'm like a freakin Einstein here! So I did, and I did three versions of myself. I'll introduce the versions of January as we go along.

The Average.
This is me every other day. The foundation for what I look like. Sometimes it changes, sometimes it doesn't.

If it's too small, try clicking on it. Yes, I know my mouth is just a jumble of lines. I couldn't figure out how to get my mouth right. I dyed the underside of my hair black, so that's why it looks all scary and dark and suspicious under there.

The Glasses.
I wear my glasses sometimes. They're blue-rimmed, so let's see how this goes.
I was too cheap to erase all of the words and lines, so you'll have to either pretend I walk around with a bunch of little marks around my head or pretend they're not there. Good luck with that. And in case you were wondering, I have an everlasting red face. I'm both embarrassed by almost everything, so I blush every nine and a half seconds, or I'm over heating and it goes straight to my face, embarrassing me, or it's lingering red/pink from a blush or being too hot. Now you understand why I'm such an anti-social person.

The Sunburn.
I'm super pale. I'm a little tan on my arms and hands, maybe even my calves, but otherwise I'm glow in the dark or transparent. So I get burned almost every summer. It never used to be this way, back when I had no shame, but now that I'm embarrassed by dropping a pencil, I scarcely let anyone see my shoulders. I have quite the legacy.
Aren't I prettay?

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