Thursday, August 19, 2010

Because I can't plan, that's why. And I'm a teenager, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I just had one of the best days ever. Seriously.

I got to go register for school again (actually that kind of sucked. Sorta. But my yearbook picture has a green background...) and that only took two hundred years. Afterwards I got coffee, which is just win and awesome 24/7. Then I got to write "YOUR MOM" all over my planner pages, which will be hilarious to see other people's reactions. Then a few hours passed and all sorts of stuff happened. Then I showered, which is what normal people do, right? And THEN I ate some friggin sweet chicken and it started raining. So I stood on my balcony while it was dark and raining and enjoyed it - maybe she's some sort of nocturnal blonde albino amphibian or something - and that inspired some poetry. Psh, pretentious speak. Where's your beret now, January? And THEEEN I got to talk to one of the greatest people on earth who taught me how to shoot a BB gun, took me fishing one time, introduced me to a duck named Howard, gave me some of my excellent choice in music and contributed to the awesome that you see before you today. Oh, and him and his brother showed me some baby alligators and a snake on a few occasions. I also wouldn't have know. that wolf spiders can get as big as your freaking hand if it werent for him. And I hadn't talked to him in forever, and he was sorta, kinda like a dad (I love you, Matt. You're still my padre) to me for a while (at least to me). Like seriously this dude will be famous and I think he's one of Jesus' homeboys. That's how awesome he is. Plus he's got his own little awesome family unit somewhere around the US. Anyways, then my hair smelled really good. For real. Afterwards, I saw on my profile (on my iPod, you piece of crap computer! [this post is probably all effed up because my iPod can be a half wit at times]) that I had over 70 views.

Hmmmmmm... Those couldn't have all been me, right? I don't think I've seen my profile 70 times, eh? Maybe my plan is working. Maybe people are finally noticing all the funny and awesome that's happening up in here... Or it's just people passing through.

Whatever. I have 70 profile views, and you can't take them from me. Even though you probably have 7000, dillhole.

And I have to go to a practice day tomorrow, and wake up before 6, so hopefully I don't explode or anything. I tried to go to sleep an hour ago, but wanted to make a post...

Read the title. That'll 'splain it all. If anyone asks, like my dean or a college or something, I was never here.

Unless it's Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. Then yes, I was here and, further, I practically live here. That's why it smells like cheese. Yeah, they can chat it up over here any time, totes. Fer sures. Because I know they secretly think I'm awesome.

(That's why I have 70+ profile views)


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