Sunday, August 29, 2010

Link it up, yo.

I'm so tired. I'm doing my homework, I swear, I just HAD  to share some links, though. Really quick. Quick like a bunny. Ferreals. No, I mean it.


Here's the link to my photo blog which is really pretty and super awesome and has free cupcakes and lawn mowers. Lies! LIES SAYS I!!! Adventures of the Amateur Photographer (look at the URL of this blog then that one; maybe I just think I'm a lot funnier than I actually am, but whatever).

This is important stuff. I mean my face is dead serious when I say you have to go look at these sites. Tell your friends. It's for a real cause, real people, and real tragedy. You may think that slavery ended hundreds of years ago.

But you're wrong.

Take a look and think about it. I always get worked up about how screwed up the world is and how we can so easily change it if we try, so really. If not for me, then for these people. These children. Women, girls, boys, men. It's not funny, but I'll get to that to lighten the mood in a second. is just something you have to tell everyone about. Human trafficking is terrifying. This map shows different counts of human trafficking throughout the world. That have been reported, that is. Really, even if only ten people read this, you all have friends. Help out. Spread the word. This is more important than stopping people from saying retard all the time. Legit.

Now for the funny. Sorry about all that seriousness, it happens, though, and it should. Here we go again... Nevermind. Here's a link to a web page that I StumbledUpon. Literally, there is a website called StumbleUpon. It's in the sidebar, to the right, over there. Yeah, you see it. OH! And this all happened in Oregon. Of course. Because Oregon is the best and as a trail named after it. TAKE THAT, AMERICA! Hilarious mustachioed people. In Oregon.

And another link to a random place. I dunno. Just... I dunno. I'm tired. Click on it. Cliiiiick it. Here. Right here. Yeah, oh, wait, yep, you got it. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You clicked it! YES!

Whew, that was exciting. I just love chickens. Have you ever chased one? It's extremely gratifying. Much more fun than chasing a duck. Trust me on this.

My computer is still a piece of crap. I'm getting a min laptop because I'm poor and want a new computer RIGHT SNAPPY. And I need somewhere to put all my porn. *bursts into laughter* Just kidding. I need somewhere to put all my fanfiction and update my plastic crappy lie-filled BlackBerry cell phone that just happens to resemble something that comes out of your butt.

I just said butt.

I should probably write my lab conclusion. I miss my computer.

PS. I'm sick of your crap, Denver. It's almost fall and it's gonna be 80 and sunny the rest of the week. Do you realize how much I have to walk? And how intolerant I am of heat? No, you don't, bastard. I think we should see other people.

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