Sunday, August 15, 2010

Try not to laugh. Just TRY.




PS. I found old jeans that I like, so yay for me. *thumbs up and grins*

PPS. Our internet has been down for the past two days all because of a dillhole power outage (thankfully during the day or else I would have had to whip out my super secret night vision) so because the HOA and our internet provider are Nazis AND hate happiness, we have to wait another day to get it fixed. I seriously don't think you understand how terribly ruled my life is by access to the internet. So now Parental and I have to drive to a Starbucks with my 3 year old sister, Tiny, and try to keep her from mauling any innocent bystanders. My predictions: everything will start out relatively fine, a dust mote will land on Tiny's head and she'll start screaming bloody murder. Then I'll get Tiny and hold her to my chest with a death grip, she'll kick some hipster's fancy beret off, I'll apologetically smile while Parental and I try not to set things on fire, and then... well, the rest is pretty variable from there. That probably isn't how it's going to happen at all but I do enjoy myself some melodrama.

PPPS. I really want to kick our internet provider and HOA in the face. Really bad.

PPPPS. I start school in a week. I think I'll throw up right before I get there, because no matter what I will always be nervous about a first day. Plus my high school is the biggest in Colorado, and I have gotten lost on the first day of school - or gone to the wrong class - ever since sixth grade. I'm just hoping that I'll have someone to drag down with me this time. So wish me luck and send me muffin baskets because I'll need them after I come home and try to get the shock, embarrassment, ,and trauma to wear off.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPS. I hate weather over 80 degrees. If you live in Washington or Oregon or very northern California, you don't understand how lucky you are because the better half of the summer has been between 85 and 95 degrees. Or that's what it feels like. Whatever, stop judging me!

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