Saturday, August 21, 2010

Justa somethin' to think about, yeah?

In lieu of the title, and my absolute passion for creative stuff and nature, I'm starting another blog called Adventures of the Amateur Photographer. It's gonna be about spaghetti.

Har har.

Naw, it's gonna be about photography. Scratch that, my pictures. You see, I think I take some pretty fantastic pictures. I don't really care if you think so or not, I really like them and they get better as I take more. Like wine. Hah! Just kidding, again. I'm not 21 yet, silly. But I have tasted wine. They let 6 year olds drink it at church! What's that about?! Right, right, Jesus' blood and all. I suppose... So, yeah. I'll get a link on here once she's all finished up and then you can go look at my prettay pictures and tell me how great they are so my afternoons aren't so boring. Yes? Okay, sounds like a plan. 

I thought about just putting some on here, but then I came up with that sweet title, and if this doesn't make me famous, then maybe that will. It sounded better in my head. Whatever. I'll give you guys a little taste of it so you don't think I'm crazy and arrogant because, really, until someone tells me how awesome I am, I pretty much just sit around (metaphorically; I'm a busy person, people) and think, Man, I bet all my friends are doing something more productive or cooler than me. Psh, jerks. But as we all know, great minds think alike, so my friends probably aren't doing anything productive or cool. Wait wait wait, no, I'm quite productive, actually. If I'm not doing something, I'm pacing around and trying to figure out what to do first because I have so many things to do, little or big. 

Like put stuff on my walls and read fanfiction.

Yep, I'm just that cool.
We were in the car - which was in motion - when I took this. You know you love it. I got some beastly pictures of the graffiti on the cars that I'll  put on the photo blog. /excellent bait and hook tactic

My 3 year old lovely, Josalyn. Also known as Tiny. Sorry 'bout the motorcycle in the back; it takes away some of the "effect," as they say. I have another one like this of her making a face at us. It's pretty awesome.

So go check it out over there (once I give the go ahead, of course) and see all the weird pictures I take. They're like my children. You know, the kind where the parents raise them to succeed so they get a good old folks home and can live in the tropics when they feel like it. Those kinda children.

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