Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OMG why's water all over the floor??? Oh, it's just pee from me getting the pee scared out of me. And we're going to end up in boxes because of me.

Life at the moment: Me, procrastinating Hon. Geometry and Humanities homework by getting on Blogger, Pocahantas (I'm almost a hundred percent sure I misspelled that) is on TV and I'm really happy about it because I love Disney movies, and Parental sitting on the couch talking to the President or Michael Jackson or someone while Idiot 1 Oslow stares her down, forcing her to pet him.

And I tried to go onto a website and Parental's computer wouldn't let me, because it belongs to her office, so her boss is probably going to go all crazy faced and such and take away her job, forcing us to live in boxes. I wouldn't mind that because that way we could hobo our way to Oregon. I've got a plan for these things. Being homeless can be as much of a benefit as a disaster, if you think about it.

Oh God, she's


Okay. Okay, calm down. He tried to nuzzle into my Sleepy Lamb, but I elicit fear into him with one glance. It makes a whipping sound, too, like WHIP-ISH.

Sigh. Now she's getting all nosey. Get out of my Spanish binder from eighth grade, Parental!!! GET!

Wow, I had a post planned out, but this has just gone so many places. And I haven't died yet, so that's good. School hasn't left me for dead just yet. My math teacher is... crappy, though. I miss my old math teacher, who actually taught things. *wistful sigh*



I wake up before the sun, these days, so I should probably do my homework.

I'll create a part 2 to explain the title in a day... or week... or month. Maybe. I'll try not to forget. Mkay, yawn, farewell.

PS. I hate reading science procedures over and over and over and over again. Just saying. *pointed look at science workbook that's as thick as cheese*

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